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Sunday, May 22, 2016

CVG Work Progress and Harvest Donations, May 16 - 22, 2016

Thank you!

* Donut Hutt and Sophia for donating coffee grounds for the compost bins!

* Leah for donating basil and coneflower plants!

This week’s upcoming CVG Organized Work Opportunities

Monday — 4 pm - 6 pm - at the garden
Thursday— 7:45 am - 10 am - at the garden

CVG - Save the Date!

Saturday June 4 - 9 am - 4 pm CVG is on the 2016 MAMG “Through our Garden Gates/ TOGG” Garden Tour. Come see us!

  docents - Twila, Stephanie, Teresa, Val, Arlene

Last week’s Harvest donation

YTD Harvest Donation total = 446 lbs

19 lbs of mustard greens, savoy cabbage, onion, lettuce, peas and strawberries to the Collierville Food Pantry

Work Progress:

On Monday May 16 - Stephanie, Teresa, Carol, Janet. Started placing t-bar posts in plot 6 tomato trial beds, weeded around zucchini bed in plot 5, plot 6, and large concrete block beds in plots 2 and 5. Planted rest of Vardaman sweet potatoes in plots 2 and 3. Started raining…

On Wednesday May 18 - Stephanie sprayed BT on cole crops. Jan and Twila divided and moved perennials.

On Thursday May 19 - Teresa, Leah, Stephanie, Lydia, and Joan. Harvested 10 lbs of mustard greens, onion, and one savoy cabbage and 9 lbs of lettuce, strawberries and peas. Stephanie delivered to the food pantry. Teresa led a tour of the garden with a visiting couple. Pulled all spring pea plants. Weeded plot 5 large concrete bed, plot 4. Found one cutworm on one of the potato plants. Planted homestead grafted and ungrafted tomato plants in plot 6. Talked with another visitor about the garden. Ran irrigation for 5 minutes per zone. Leah donated basil plants and coneflower plants.

On Friday May 20 - Teresa and Stephanie planted celebrity grafted and ungrafted tomato plants in plot 3. Planted extra “black beauty” zucchini plants and lemon thyme in plot 5 large concrete bed.

On Saturday May 21 - Stephanie checked on new tomato plants, watered and covered homestead grafted plants with some pine needles. Pulled some mustard greens that had harlequin bug eggs. Pulled one red acre cabbage that had significant worm damage. Email correspondence. Worked on ID plate tags for some of the vegetables. Jackie mowed.

On Sunday May 22 - Teresa and Riley buried new bird bath in plot 8 and worked on other garden tasks.

Beauty in the Garden

Plot 2

First “Verona” Tomato Blossoms of the year

Red Candy Onions nearly ready for harvest

Everbearing Strawberries

"Easy Pick Gold” Zucchini

"Red Acre" Cabbage