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Monday, July 25, 2016

CVG Work Progress and Harvest Donations, July 18 - July 24, 2016

This week’s upcoming CVG Organized Work Opportunities
Monday — 4 pm - 6 pm - at the garden
Thursday— 7:30 am - 9:30 am - at the garden

Most Recent Harvest donations

YTD Harvest Donation total = 1768 lbs

14 bouquets of zinnia sent to Page Robbins
32 lbs to the Fayette County Project Outreach
22 lbs to the Collierville Food Pantry
Work Progress:

On Monday July 18 - Val F., Susannah, Deena, Susie, Janet K., Twila, Stephanie harvested 25 lbs of tomato, green bean, and cucumber, and 7 lbs of eggplant, zucchini, and hot peppers. Shona picked up the harvest for Fayette County Project Outreach. Went bug hunting in the okra. Twined up plot 6 cow pea/ field pea vines.Worked on compost. Harvested 14 bouquets of zinnias. Hand watered archway boxes.

On Tuesday July 19 - Stephanie fresh cut the harvested zinnia stems and delivered the 14 bouquets to Page Robbins Adult Day Center. Started making new carrot seed “tape” using toilet paper.

On Wednesday July 20 - Stephanie checked on garden and irrigation. Harvested 2.2 lbs of arkansas traveler tomato. Saw a few half eaten tomatoes…. Harvested 2 homestead ungrafted tomato (1 lb). Saw two eaten grafted celebrity tomatoes.

On Thursday July 21 - Twila, Leah, Val F., Kim, Stephanie, Amy, Evelyn. Harvested 4.4 lbs of green beans and cucumbers; 16.2 lb of tomatoes and peppers. Stephanie delivered Thursday’s harvest as well as Wednesday’s tomato to the Collierville Food Pantry. Topped most of plot 5 beds with compost. Weeded. Afterward, Stephanie went to Tractor Supply for a chipmunk trap and set it up at the garden. At monthly MAMG meeting that evening, Val T. and Stephanie sliced some tomato trial tomatoes and asked master gardeners to participate in a taste testing.